Activate a Holistic Customer Experience Ecosystem to Become a Market Leader

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It’s no secret that excellent customer experience boosts a business’s revenue and profitability. Yet few firms have been able to take advantage of the CX opportunity. One reason why: Most companies fail to engineer a holistic customer experience ecosystem. Without this ecosystem, firms lack the agility and creativity needed to generate and deliver genuinely valuable customer experiences.

Download a new study conducted by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Cognizant, that shows how enterprises that have invested in–not just prioritized–employee and partner enablement and experiences are leading their less-mature peers and competitors. This study makes it clear that companies demonstrating higher levels of maturity are more likely to solve the puzzle of CX and, consequently, to recognize tangible business benefits.

Key Findings:

  • Experience relies on an ecosystem. Companies don’t fully own their experiences.
  • Investments that enable the entire experience ecosystem drive business results. Leaders in holistic CX ecosystems invest in enablement processes and technologies.
  • Self-sustained CX enablement is rare. To continually anticipate evolving customer needs it is critical to keep pace with evolving roadmaps.

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